ASUT IoT Konferenz

Next April 2nd, the city of Bern will be host of the ASUT IoT Konferenz: From Hype to Reality. This full-day conference takes place at Kursaal Bern and our association will be present at the event showing our progress in terms of open network infrastructure in Switzerland.

ASUT IoT Konferenz
ASUT IoT Konference, April 2, 2019.

Every day, the Internet of Things connects more and more devices, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. It is estimated that in two years from now, there will be between 50 and 200 million connected things in Switzerland creating value for the economy and society.

Under the title IoT: From Hype to Reality, the ASUT IoT Konferenz brings together CEOs from leading companies, experts and practicioners, to show which trends, developments and impact are to be expected from IoT in the future.

We are very happy to be part of this event representing the open network infrastructure goals and achievements in Switzerland, as well as showcasing several devices and solutions both from the professional sector as well as from the maker community.

Call for exhibitors

Do you want to exhibit your devices? Please get it touch with us!

Are you building LoRaWAN devices that work with The Things Network and would you like them to be showcased at the ASUT IoT Konferenz? Contact us!.

We will show both maker and professional devices. The only condition is that they are operating with TTN and have some way of showing the collected data, either with a custom user interface, data visualization tools, grafana dashboards, etc.

Attend the conference

For further information and registration to the event, please go the asut website.