Make Zurich hackathon

Between January 27th and February 4th, Zürich was the stage of a community-organized hackathon around the topic of civic technologies, and in particular, The Things Network currently operated in the city.

60 participants, 17 LoRaWAN projects

The event was driven by the The Things Network Zürich community in cooperation with the City of Zürich with the goal of bringing together the hacker/maker community that has been deeply involved in the local deployment of The Things Network and the city administration with the idea of exploring new solutions for the city’s problems.

The event attracted around 60 participants from different disciplines that got together on Friday 27th to kick-off an intense week of hacking leading up to a 2-day hackathon on Friday 3rd-Saturday 4th.

During these two days, we had Wienke Giezeman as a special guest on-site, as well as the presence numerous journalists that were covering the event, which culminated with the presentations of a total of 17 projects.

Make Zurich 2017

Swiss country page

Country page

In the days after the event, we also announced the launch of the The Things Network Switzerland country page to promote nation-wide coverage, a project that is being pushed forward by various TTN communities in the country, with the guidance of the Open Network Infrastructure Association.