Founding Day

Yesterday was an amazing day: after months in the making, we finally sealed the deal and founded a civil association to support and promote swiss TTN communities and -more generally- open network infrastructure projects in the country!

Thank you so much to everyone involved!! We were over 20 founding members, and not only Zürich was present, the communities from Bern and Lausanne also joined the founding!

Having a legal entity to represent us will help a lot in ensuring reliability and funding of the network’s operation, and it serves as a bridge between worlds: it allows the community to engage into legal contracts with companies (which otherwise don’t usually know how to deal with a collective of people without legal personality).

One important detail to emphasize is that this will be an instrument to support the community, never a replacement of community in any way!

In the coming days, we will wrap up the formalities (protocol, articles of association, etc and then open source it on github for everyone to fork and replicate this idea anywhere else!

Founding Day
Photo by @tamberg: Founding event of the Open Network Infrastructure Association, 29.08.2016.